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Changing Skies

Where else could you get great photos of changing skies other than your own back yard? This is exactly what I did over the weekend, capture changing skies right from my back yard. One moment it was clear, calm and tranquil, the next, it was stormy.

The first photo shows how tranquil it was. Bright, sunny skies and looking like the perfect fall day on the midcoast of Maine. The next image shows how the skies changed quickly, with a foreground of fall color. The final image represents the aftermath, a small rainbow over Arrowsic Island. Continue reading »

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Fall Day on Lake Clary

This HDR image was compiled from three images taken at Clary Lake near Whitefield, Maine. It was your typical fall day in Maine, although it was a bit windy for my liking.

As always, you comments and criticisms are greatly appreciated!

Clary Lake - Whitefield, Maine

Clary Lake - Whitefield, Maine | Click photo for full-sized view

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